Kraina Bliskości


The ebook “A small child – big challenges” is an invitation to joint reflection on how to go with children through everyday life filled with various difficulties and not to lose good relationships along the way.

The starting point for the considerations in the book is the so-called a two-year-old rebellion, i.e. a period in which a child transforms from a sweet infant into an increasingly conscious person 🙂
For this reason, the e-book is intended especially for parents of children from 1 to 3 years of age, but I believe that the content in it included are so universal that both parents of younger and older children will find something for themselves in it.

The content of the e-book is based on the author’s knowledge and experience, and is inspired by a close approach to upbringing. So you will find information about it:

– how to build good relations with a child and how to care for them,

– how to support a child in development,

– how to communicate with him,

– how to mark your limits,

– how to take care of your own resources.

You will receive guidance on what our actions and reactions are likely to contribute to improving relationships with children and what may hinder them. You will also learn how important a change of perspective can be when we think about the child and our expectations for him.

The ebook “Small child – big challenges” from today can support you in fulfilling the extremely important but also demanding role of being a parent.